TranzWiki attempts to be a comprehensive directory of the groups campaigning for, supporting or assisting trans and gender non-conforming individuals, including those who are non-binary and non-gender, as well as their families across the UK. It has been developed by GIRES to support the trans community but its content is determined by a broad range of stakeholders. Some groups may appear in one or more subdivisions.

From Youth groups and support groups to organisations that can help provide advice and assistance such as housing or support with domestic violence.

People have many reasons for contacting support groups. Some of them may be the victim of a crime related to their being transgender and need to know who to turn to for support.

To access the group listings click the appropriate region on the map or select the appropriate region menu option in the right columns.

There have been over 3 million visitors since the TranzWiki was established in 2010! If you would like your group or organisation listed, or if you have you have details we need to change please contact us at

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