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1. Termly newsletter which links you in to all the local groups;

2. Regular updates by email on the education scene nationally and how it affects us as LGBT people;

3. Quality support to members on a variety of issues on the phone;

4. Access to a website which is updated regularly and contains a teachers' pack,
"Tackling Homophobia, Creating Safer Spaces"; model equal opps , and anti bullying policy;

5. Annual conference where you can meet LGBT teachers and educationalists from all over the country and attend workshops given by experts in the field;

6. Email discussion group access to all members so you can keep in regular touch with LGBT educators and their friends.


1. Research, debate and stimulate curriculum development on LGBT issues and other relevant areas such as PHSE, citizenship, Healthy School Partnerships etc.;

2. Campaign on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people issues as they affect education and those in education;

3. Respond to numerous media requests for information, quotes and interviews;

4. Respond to the various government and DfES consultations;

5. Support local groups.


Held a successful national conference on Section 28: What now? Addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transperson issues in the classroom"

Met with Stephen Twigg the education Minister in 2003 who set up a section to work on the whole issue of LGBT visibility and tackling homophobia in Schools

The DfESS invited Schools OUT! to be part of the road show launching the anti bullying charter round the country. We had a stall and Sue, our co Chair, was on the panel at every event speaking to audience of over 400 head teachers, education council officers, and teachers whose responsibility it is to deal with bullying

Established a Website which is regularly updated and includes teacher resources such as the pack Tackling Homophobia creating Safer Spaces

Started producing an E-mail News letter which can be subscribed (free of charge) to from our website

Improved the quality and frequency of our printed newsletters

Successfully lobbied the DfEE over homophobic Bullying in Schools. Section 4.29-4.30 of DfEE Circular 10/99 Social Inclusion: Pupil Support makes it clear that headteachers have a legal duty to take measures to prevent "Bullying related to sexual orientation"

Campaigned and lobbied for the Repeal of section 28

Lobbied to ensure that new DfEE Guidance on Sex and Relationship Education is inclusive and does not portray any families or responsible, consensual relationships as inferior

Liaised with the DfEE and produced a briefing on Legislation and DfEE Guidance on Tackling Homophobia in Schools

Researched and stimulated curriculum development on LGBT issues in areas such as PHSE, citizenship, and Healthy School Partnerships.

Responded to numerous media requests for information and quotes

Given support to many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transperson workers in education

Your affiliation would enable you to keep informed of our work, and help ensure that we have the financial resources that we need.

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