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Chrysalis is a diverse group of women and men, of different races and cultures and ages, and differently abled.

We are experienced trainers in a variety of settings, including:

the public and voluntary sectors, universities, colleges and schools,
the youth service, community centres,
women's groups, tenants' groups, lesbian gay and bisexual groups,
unions, political organisations, prisons, day centres,
residential homes, local authorities, health authorities,
probation services and the police.

Our areas of expertise include:

Equal opportunities, power, assertiveness,
gender, anti-sexism, anti-racism,
anti-heterosexism, anti-disabilism,
and anti-ageism,
research, management, group work and facilitation,
team building, conflict resolution,
alcohol and drug issues and
training the trainers.

The importance of our work is highlighted by the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, its Recommendations for education, the recent nail bombs and the current debate on the repeal of Section 28.

As some members of the CHRYSALIS team have a wide range of teaching experience and are currently working in the education field we are very aware of the crucial role that schools, colleges and universities play in forming the next generation's attitudes and perceptions. The educational institution's role is to create a safe environment and a fitting and appropriate curriculum. Research has shown a high percentage of lesbian and gay students have attempted suicide due to bullying in schools and a lack of recognition of their needs. This is a frightening indicator of the day to day reality for many students when faced with an enormous level of hostility and indifference. It is vital therefore, that both the overt and covert curriculum makes clear that any form of bullying, including verbal and physical abuse is not acceptable. To allow prejudice to go unchallenged is to collude with it and sends the message that any group could be such a target. Our heterosexism awareness training programmes will be designed to meet your organisations specific needs.

CHRYSALIS trainers/consultants include:

Paul Patrick
Is a white currently non-disabled gay man who has worked in education for over twenty years, developing understandings of issues of power, equal opportunities, and managing change, particularly as they affect lesbians, gay men and bisexual people. He is an experienced writer, lecturer, trainer and broadcaster.

Sue Sanders
Is a white currently non-disabled lesbian who has worked both in theatre and education. For the last fifteen years she has worked as a freelance trainer and consultant in the public and not for profit sector, particularly dealing with equal opportunity and power issues, on which she has written, broadcast and lectured.
She works with teachers and students in a variety of settings and is a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community advisory group to the Metropolitan Police Service. She is a frequent broadcaster on radio and TV.

Annemarie Talbot
Is a black differently abled lesbian who has for the last fifteen years been working with people in a variety of settings. Her main area of expertise is in the disability field where she has delivered a wide range of training. She has facilitated on RSA and BAC accredited counselling skills courses. As a manager in a day care centre she has developed insight into the needs of both service users and staff.

Heterosexism is
A set of assumptions and practices that promotes heterosexual
relationships as the only valid sexual orientation.
It rewards those who are heterosexual and penalises those who are not.
A heterosexist system institutionalises unfair discrimination against and the oppression of, lesbians, gay and bisexual people. This can include verbal abuse and physical violence.

Heterosexism Awareness Training
Equal Opportunities has become an essential tool in both staff management and service delivery for all organisations.
Many organisations have developed wider perspectives in order to meet the needs of the diversity of their service users and employees.

They have worked to develop equal opportunity policies and practices to enhance their performance.
Lesbians, gay men and bisexual people are one part of this diversity whose issues and concerns have frequently been either ignored or buried.

CHRYSALIS helps enhance performance by unlocking potential and developing awareness, structures, policies and practices that will confront the problems and engender the solutions, thereby
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